Beauty Enhancements

Beauty Enhancements


The Ultimate YOU

Permanent Makeup Begins at
Permanent Eyebrows
Includes a follow-up appointment
Permanent Eyeliner
Includes a follow-up appointment
Full Lip Enhancement
Includes 2 follow-up appointments
For existing First Impressions permanent makeup guests 12 months or more after, to refresh your existing Permanent Makeup
For new guests to First Impressions with previous permanent makeup, consultation is required.

Makeup Begins at
Makeup Application$40

FAQs About Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation artists gently deposit color pigments under the skin with a tattoo needle.

Appointment times vary depending on the service (brows, lips, etc) and whether it’s a new application or a touchup. Most services are between 1 and 2.5 hours.

We use topical anesthetics to numb your skin, so any discomfort you might feel is minimal.

Completely. We use a new disposable, sterile needle for each client and we make sure to thoroughly disinfect all tools and machines.

Results are immediate. However, it takes a couple weeks for the pigment color to fully settle under the skin.

This procedure is considered semi permanent because pigments are deposited below the dermal layer and cannot be washed off like traditional makeup. However, fading can and will occur depending on your skin tone, exposure to the sun, your use of anti-aging products and treatments, the technique you request, and other factors. So, periodic touch-ups are often required.